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Meet the Artist

Francisco is our Master SMP Artist and Owner of AzScalpDoctor. He spent most of his childhood at his moms hair salon and barbershop. He quickly developed a skill for mens hair cuts which led him to being the high school “barber”. After his barber days, Francisco became certified in Scalp Micropigmentation. Today, he one of the most sought after Arizona SMP Artists and SMP Instructors. Whether you are looking for a stylish new SMP hairline or are eager to take an SMP class, AzScalpDoctor is the place for you!

Today he offers one of the hottest procedures in the beauty industry, known as Scalp Micropigmentation. SMP is the hottest and most stylish trend for treating cases like male patterned baldness, hair fillers for women, and applying scar camouflage on the scalp.

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Have you ever considered any form of hair loss solution, but never pulled the trigger on it because of the fear of it not looking natural? One of the biggest reasons SMP is chosen over many other services out there is because of how REAL our results look. Using industry-leading SMP machines, pigment, and medical-grade needles, we are able to create impressions that mimic real hair stubble in the most natural way. Here at AzScalpDoctor, we have transformed hundreds of hairlines and would love to help with yours too. Come see why we are the authority in SMP Hairline Restoration.

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AzScalpDoctor is also an Arizona SMP School in Mesa. We offer scalp micropigmentation classes in Arizona. Take our 3-day Scalp Micropigmentation training class today. Did you know SMP artists can earn between $800-$1000 per session. A typical scalp micropigmentation pigmentation procedure from start to finish, requires on average 2 to 4 sessions. At our SMP School in Arizona, we go over every step in the SMP process thoroughly and provide a model for you to apply this technique HANDS ON! We also allow you to bring your first client after training and use our facility to perform your first procedure. Francisco Ahumada is our master SMP artist and is the most sought after SMP Instructor in Arizona. Imagine starting your SMP artist career today by taking our 3-day SMP class and becoming certified in one of the hottest new segments of the beauty industry.

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Thinning slowly? Only noticeable when the light hits your scalp a certain way? WE GET IT! Whether you are male or female and you like to keep your hair long, we notice that our hair can seem to lose it fullness or thickness as we get older. By adding impressions on the scalp, we cast a soft shade on the scalp to blend in with your actual hair and result in a thicker look. This service is commonly used for women that want to add density to their “baby hairs” around the forehead and the natural part on the scalp. Are you a candidate? Let’s find out!

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Scar Camouflage

Have FUT or FUE hair transplants left you with a permanent scar? Scars on the scalp are much more common than you would expect and don’t always come from other hair loss treatments. SMP is a great way of camouflaging those scars that seem to take away from your great-looking hair. Our state of the art, scar camoflague blending technique is done with enormous precision to give you the most natural-looking results. Don’t let a little, or big scar get in the way of showing off that scalp and making you feel comfortable in your own skin. What to know more? Set up a call with our SMP professional today.

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